Wednesday, June 16, 2010

About the Author

Thank you for reading my blog page and giving me a chance to tell you more about myself and my first novel, Cold Lonely Courage.
I am a practicing trial attorney and have a passion for studying World War Two. I lived in France and England for years, listening to people's stories of personal sacrifice and struggle during the darkest years of the war. Cold Lonely Courage was inspired by the true story of a young Belgian woman who helped countless Jewish children escape from the terrors of the Nazi regime. I live with my wife, Renee and sons, Max and Riley in central Minnesota.

My family moved a great deal as I was growing up. My father is a retired university president. As his career developed my family moved, ultimately living in England and France. I attended a British comprehensive and an elementary school in Aix, en Provence. My family has been involved in international education in one respect or another most of my life. I chose to write about France in WWII because I have great respect for the men and women who resisted the Nazis, particularly those who risked their lives to help Jewish people escape from internment and death. In COLD LONELY COURAGE, the protagonist, Madeleine embodies the spirit of the Resistance and the courage to fight back against evil.

If you would wish to purchase COLD LONELY COURAGE, or would like to learn more about it, follow the link provided:


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